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Grades 6-8

St. Anselm junior high students are socially and academically prepared for high school and beyond. They have a solid foundation in the basic and advanced skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. They also participate and explore other subject areas such as social studies, Spanish, science, and technology. To expand their knowledge they participate in the National Geographic Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Science Fair, Outdoor Education, and grade appropriate field trips. Students learn to set goals and work diligently toward achieving them. They value the ideas and abilities of others and themselves by working on individual and collaborative projects. Students articulate their ideas, thoughts, and feelings clearly in writing, speech, art, drama, and music. Examples include the Endangered Species Fashion Show, Christmas and Spring Concerts, and the Eighth Grade Play.

Classrooms discussions allow students to raise questions and also respect divergent points of view. Creativity is expressed through our Encore program where students participate in classes such as Garden, Yoga, Coding, Drama, Spanish Cultures, and Home Economics.

Upon graduation, St. Anselm students are confident, self-motivated, self-directed individuals who are life-long learners. They ask questions, solve problems, and find solutions. As a culmination of their spiritual and academic experiences, our students are moral, responsible, informed citizens.