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Extended Day Program

St. Anselm Extended Day

St. Anselm Extended Day is a before and afterschool childcare program where you create the schedule that works best for your family. Children can choose their activities during Extended Day, with provided athletic equipment for team and individual play, or games and books for quieter time. Computers, iPads, and printers allow students to work on homework if they prefer.

Both planned and drop-in attendance are available, though there are major benefits to signing up in advance each month. With knowledge of how many students will attend, we are better able to meet the needs of your children with proper staffing; daily fresh, nutritious snacks; and planning for activities, projects, and special events. Families that fill out the Extended Day calendar at the beginning of the month also receive a lower hourly rate.

Extended Day is open Monday – Friday, except holidays. Morning hours are 7:30 – 8:00am and we are open in the afternoons 2:00 – 5:30pm.

For details on how Extended Day works, please see information here.