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St. Anselm School educates children from kindergarten through 8th grade, helping them grow into thoughtful, caring, community-minded adolescents who are well-prepared for the academics and workload of high school.


St. Anselm School is a community of faith in the Catholic tradition. Through collaboration with our parent and parish community, we are committed to the growth and development of the whole child. We provide an engaging and comprehensive academic program grounded in Catholic teaching.

Our Philosophy

St. Anselm School is a Catholic educational community that emphasizes the spiritual, intellectual, and personal development of our students. We cultivate an enthusiasm for lifelong learning and a passion for academic success in a collaborative environment. St. Anselm School encourages and supports awareness of the presence of God in every form of creation, a respect for the dignity of life, and a commitment to service. We expect our students to be mindful citizens, compassionate members of the global community, and technologically responsible.