The St. Anselm Experience

Our team of highly educated and skilled teachers is committed to providing a rigorous and stimulating learning environment, teaching Catholic traditions, and cultivating a lifelong love of learning. At St. Anselm, the needs of our students come first.

Our community of 270 students and 35 faculty members enjoy a beautiful campus with views of Mt. Tamalpais, set in the charming town of San Anselmo. In addition to our homeroom teachers, all of our grades have instructional aides, access to two full-time resource teachers, and a rich curriculum provided by their specialist teachers in all grades, including Science, Spanish, Art, Music, P.E., and Integrated Technology.

St. Anselm is fully accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Our school curriculum follows both the National Common Core Standards and the California State Standards. A loving faith-based environment, small group instruction, and an emphasis on project-based learning and collaboration make St. Anselm the premier parochial school option in Marin County.


Schoolwide Learning Expectations

St. Anselm Students are:


Followers of Christ who

  • Live the Gospel
  • Pray daily and participate in the Mass
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the teachings, practices, and traditions of the Catholic Church

Academically prepared individuals who

  • Have a comprehensive foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Possess independent and collaborative study skills
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills

Intellectually engaged who

  • Are self-motivated and facilitate their own learning
  • Demonstrate curiosity, creativity and enthusiastic learning

Technologically Responsible who

  • Practice safe, legal, and responsible use of technology
  • Understand and use technology as a tool

Humanitarian Citizens who

  • Embrace and advocate for the Kingdom of God
  • Demonstrate a responsible and dutiful understanding of American citizenship
  • Understand and demonstrate their role as stewards of the planet