About St. Anselm School


Since its founding in 1924, St. Anselm School has enjoyed a long tradition of providing high-quality Catholic education to elementary school children. Today St. Anselm is proud to continue this tradition by offering a well balanced curriculum with an emphasis on the formation of spiritual values for children in grades K-8.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations
St. Anselm Students are:

Followers of Christ who

  • Live the Gospel
  • Pray daily and participate in the Mass
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the teachings, practices, and traditions of the Catholic Church

Academically prepared individuals who

  • Have a comprehensive foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Possess independent and collaborative study skills
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills

Intellectually engaged who

  • Are self-motivated and facilitate their own learning
  • Demonstrate curiosity, creativity and enthusiastic learning

Technologically Responsible who

  • Practice safe, legal, and responsible use of technology
  • Understand and use technology as a tool

Humanitarian Citizens who

  • Embrace and advocate for the Kingdom of God
  • Demonstrate a responsible and dutiful understanding of American citizenship
  • Understand and demonstrate their role as stewards of the planet