Kindergarten | Mrs. Kristen West
Early Childhood Education Certification, College of Marin
Masters in Education, University of Colorado Boulder, CO
M.A. in K-12 Education, Secondary teaching certification in social studies and Bachelor of Arts, History

My Favorite thing about Kindergarten is that they love to be silly. They don’t take themselves too seriously and are open to making new friends and doing new things. Kindergarten is a time for play, but it is also a time for the children to find themselves as students, who are ready to learn and explore the world around them. I like working at St. Anselm because of the welcoming and supportive community that exists there. Parents, teachers and students are there to help each other succeed. I am honored to be part of that community!

Kindergarten Aide | Mrs. Pat Mennucci
(40+ years at St Anselm School)
My favorite part about kindergarten is the growth we see each year. From the day they walk in still holding their parents hands until they walk out on graduation holding their diploma. The growth both physically, emotionally, and mentally is beyond belief. What better place to work than to see children thrive. I also love seeing the 8th graders who have matured and are ready to help the younger children in the school. School families help all of the children get to know each other and reach outside of our school.

Kindergarten Aide | Mrs. Kristin Durkin
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First Grade | Ms. Emily Neeb
B.S. from UC Davis
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Sonoma State

My favorite part about first grade is getting to see all of the students learning how to read. We get to share so many wonderful adventures together through books and I can’t wait for the adventures that we read together this year!
I like to work at St. Anselm School because of the wonderful community that I see everyday here. The staff and families at this school provide such a loving and respectful community that I am so happy to be a part of this group!

First Grade Aide | Mrs. Cally Cooper
What I find to be my favorite thing about being in first grade is the fresh, joyful outlook the students have on the world and how they embrace life and learning. Each day in that environment is unique and somewhat magical! Experiencing their progress, confidence and independence from the beginning of the year until they become rising second graders is mutually rewarding and tremendously inspiring!
Many years ago, I began my relationship with St. Anselm as a parent. I am so happy to have continued at school in the role I have now as an aide. The values the school embodied when my children were here have remained steadfast and relevant.

Second Grade | Ms. Jill Murray

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Third Grade | Mrs. Kassie Livermore
Bachelor of Science, Cal State Chico, CLAD Credential

Third grade is such a special year. Students are really ready to explore concepts on a much deeper level. It is so rewarding to see them get excited about their reading! Third graders are no longer learning to read, they are reading to learn. Third graders have a strong sense of fairness. The love their school, classmates, and family. There is a real sweetness to this age!
As a parent of four children that have attended St Anselm, I hold the school in the highest regard. St. Anselm prepares the whole child. Student’s leave this school with a moral compass, superior education, and an appreciation for faith. I love that I get to be a part of a staff that provides such an incredible environment.

Third Grade Aide | Ms. Karel Daniels
I am the 3rd grade instructional aide and Director of the Extended Day program at St. Anselm School. I have aided in 2nd and 5th grades, but have found my home in 3rd. As Director of the Extended Day program, I am fortunate to be able to interact with students from all grades. Attending Extended Day allows students to play with children from other grades and develop a sense of community. With committed and caring teachers and staff, and a positive and nurturing climate, St. Anselm is truly an exceptional educational environment.

Third Grade Teacher | Mrs. Meghan Caldwell
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