Fourth Grade | Mrs. Alexandra Maliniak
M.A. & CA Multiple Subjects Credential , Loyola Marymount University
B.A., UC Santa Barbara

Why do I love St. Anselm? The students!
At St Anselm, students are highly motivated, caring and hard-working. They’re a joy to teach.

Fourth Grade Aide | Mrs. Robin O’Hanlon
BA Degree in Government and Journalism, CSU Sacramento

My Favorite Thing About 4th Grade: They are “big kid” Intermediate Students now! They get to learn about California: Early Explorers, the Mission System, the Gold Rush and all the great things that shaped California into the state that it is today.
St. Anselm isn’t just a school; it is a place where my children grew in confidence and faith every day because of the people that surrounded them. From their 8th grade buddy to the Front Office Managers, Teachers, Aides, Specialists, Room Parents, Hot Lunch volunteers and our Principal and Priest, I always knew my children were being looked after and nurtured.

Fifth Grade | Mrs. Jennifer Bautista
Bachelor of Arts Liberal Studies
CLAD Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

I love teaching 5th grade, because I enjoy helping children bridge the gap between their elementary years and middle school. Watching students overcome personal challenges are some of my favorite memories.

Fifth Grade Aide | Ms. Dina Fowler

I love working as a 5th grade teacher’s aide at St. Anselm School. I love seeing the smiles on the kid’s faces and watching the kids grown spiritually and academically during the school year. I appreciate their eagerness to learn and look forward to coming to school every morning.


6th Homeroom, 6th-8th Social Studies, 6th Language Arts & Literature | Ms. Stephanie Bull
M.S. Teaching Credential, Reading Specialist Certification

I enjoy teaching Middle School because it gives me an opportunity to help students have a positive experience during this time in their life. One of my favorite activities at our school is the annual 8th grade dinner dance. I love seeing how the community comes together to host such a meaningful event.

7th Homeroom, 6th-8th Science | Mrs. Anita Pisciotta
Clear Credential and Masters in Education.

I love teaching science. It’s an amazing subject and I enjoy the enthusiasm and interactions I have with my students. We have a lot of fun and we have some amazing discussions, labs, and field trips. I have been teaching at St. Anselm for 24 years. The parents are very supportive and we have an amazing staff. I’d love to share one unbelievable memory.
Six years ago, I completely tore my hamstring at the bottom of my pelvis. I had reconstructive surgery and was home for three weeks. Parents brought dinner to my house every night for about a month. I subsequently taught in a wheelchair for another 2 months. Parents would drive me home if I didn’t have a ride. St. Anselm is a very generous and supportive community. This is one important reason why we have an amazing school.

8th Homeroom, 7th & 8th Literature and Language Arts, 6th Religion | Mrs. Allison Skinner
Bachelor of Arts: Art History with a Certificate in Manresa Program (Theological Studies)
California Dual Teaching Credential: Multiple Subject + Education Specialist
Master of Science: Education

My favorite thing about teaching in the middle school is the ability to teach three different grade levels in one day. It gives me the opportunity and ability to interact with a total of 104 different students! My favorite memory at St. Anselm was watching the Class of 2018 graduate. Those students were part of my first class here at St. Anselm when I taught them in third and fourth grade. It was such a special opportunity to teach them for a total of four years.

6th-8th Math | Mrs. Diane Johnson
Associates of Science: College of the Canyons
BA in Liberal Studies, Math Concentration: California State University Northridge
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential: California State University Northridge
MA in Education, Instructional Technologies: San Francisco State University
Credentials: Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with Math Supplemental

I love teaching math to middle school students. I enjoy seeing the expression on the students’ faces when they finally understand a concept that has been difficult when they have their “aha” moment. St. Anselm School has a wonderful community. We have a wonderful, supportive staff. The students and parents are kind and thoughtful.

4th, 7th & 8th Religion | Mrs. Patty Pryor
Masters in Education
Multiple subject credential

My favorite thing about teaching middle school is being able to work with the students as they are becoming young adults. Since I taught 2nd grade for 8 years at St. Anselm School, I first met these students as second graders. This is where I first fell in love with them! What fun it is to see how they have grown, some being very different then they were as 7 year olds and some being exactly the same. I love their energy and their great minds!
My earliest and best memory of St. Anselm School is the warm welcome I received as a new teacher here 11 years ago. The faculty and staff were great, but the parents were amazing. They embraced me and welcomed me in the warmest way! They even embraced my children who started in 3rd and 5th grade. I felt so supported and cared for by this community.

Middle School Aide | Mrs. Judy Storms
Been involved with St. Anselm for over 40 years
Started as a parent volunteer
School librarian for 25+ years
Extended Day Teachers for 30+ years
Aided in second grade, 4th, 5th and now Middle school

St. Anselm is special because for me it is an extended family. It is heart warming to see our little people grow up to be outstanding adults. Some have come back and say thank you for not just the education that they received here, but for the community. For me, having had two of my grandson with me has been very special. Our community spirit is a special part of what makes St. Anselm School what it is.